Military and Defence Ecosystem Programme

This programme examines the context, structures, processes and people that deliver defence outputs, since success ultimately depends on how well they can manage the complexity with which they are faced.

Defence Images, Flickr, Crown Copyright | Ministry of Defence

Taking an institutional view on how the armed forces and wider defence ecosystem work, this programme considers the pressures on defence institutions, including the need to respond to climate change; how defence institutions work; and the processes that attract, develop and retain military personnel.

It also examines how defence ministries engage with other organisations in the defence and security ecosystem, wider government and industry.

Defence Images, Flickr, Crown Copyright | Ministry of Defence

  • The Haythornthwaite Review: Heavy Artillery in the War for Talent?

    clock8 Minute Read
  • Ones and Zeros: The British Army Unveils its Digital and Data Plan

    clock6 Minute Read
  • Giving RAF Typhoons to Ukraine Would Be a Very Expensive Symbolic Gesture

    clock7 Minute Read


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