Paul Hough

Associate Fellow; Independent defence industry consultant


Paul Hough is an Associate Fellow supporting RUSI’s Defence, Industries and Society research programme. He is an independent defence industry, business development, commercial and strategy consultant, and member of the House of Commons Defence Select Committee advisory panel.

He has over thirty years of experience working in the UK and European defence industrial sector, both with many of the prime contractors and first tier subcontractors. His particular focus has been on land systems, where he has some insight into the British Army’s key programmes, as well as the market for defence products systems and services in UK and Europe.

In his role as an adviser to the House of Commons Defence Select Committee, he made a significant contribution to its 2021 report – ‘Obsolescent and Outgunned: The British Army's Armoured Vehicle Capability’. He also gave evidence to the select committee’s investigation into the 2021 Defence and Security Industrial Strategy. He is particularly interested in how the defence industrial base in UK and Europe may be reconfigured, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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