Thomas Ewing

Associate Fellow - Expert in emerging technology ethics and national security


Thomas Ewing works at the intersection of technology, law, and national security. He is the Director of Research at, a venture-backed startup that enables trusted commerce through an AI model of the global supply chain. There, he researches how supply chains intersect with pressing issues of global governance such as national security, environmental sustainability, and human rights.

Previously, he was Chief of Analysis and Senior Fellow at the Center for Advanced Defense Studies, a DC-based NGO that uses open data and emerging technology to counter corruption, conflict, and organized crime. He has led teams using open-source information to support tactical and operational decision-making in US and allied governments. In addition to his work at Altana, he has consulted for US and UK-based companies, governments, and non-governmental organisations working at the intersection of national security and emerging technology.

His research interests include:

  • Global supply chains and new forms of economic governance enabled by emerging technologies.
  • The technical abilities, legal responsibilities, and practical impact of non-state intelligence. actors, as well as their relationship to state power.
  • Non-state intelligence and its effect on conflict escalation dynamics.
  • Open data standardisation and global power dynamics, especially in the third world.
  • Emerging technology ethics and national security.

Thomas is a graduate of the Harvard Law School and the University of Iowa, and an officer in the US Navy Reserve.

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