Integrated Air and Missile Defence

RUSI focuses on the strategic considerations surrounding the contribution of integrated air and missile defence (IAMD) to deterrence, as well as on more tactical issues such as the delivery of integrated command and control.

We examine the ways in which evolving multi-tiered air threats can be countered. The task of delivering IAMD is becoming both more technically complex and more organisationally challenging. At the technical level, new threat types will blur the boundaries, enabling the threat to be divided into sub-categories. The scale of the challenge posed by peer competitors means that for most European states, credible IAMD can only be delivered alongside partners, necessitating the incorporation of disparate systems.

This programme of work considers both the air defence requirements of NATO as an alliance and the roles which individual members can play within it. It also focuses on developments further afield in regions such as the Indo-Pacific, and the ways in which these inform the threat picture.

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