C4ISR and Emerging Tech

Our research analyses how battlefield data is collected, processed and disseminated – especially the emerging technology enabling and revolutionising these processes.

Recent and ongoing conflicts have demonstrated the increased reliance upon digitised C4ISR (command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) for every aspect of warfare. The proliferation of low-cost drones, software-defined radio, electronic warfare, and machine learning tools serves as a clear indicator that understanding the integration of new technological capabilities into military functionality is crucial to maintaining a 21st-century fighting force.

Our research focuses on the impact that AI and autonomous systems are having on the speed and fidelity of military decision-making, as well as considering the systems and procedures enabling a more integrated force across all echelons and domains. Our work also provides a contextual understanding of the evolving defence ecosystem by coordinating with both SMEs and primes in industry to assess changing procurement methods and the integration of defence and commercial innovation.

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