Air Power

We review and assess the use of air power by both allied and adversary states in conflicts and deterrence around the world.

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We provide detailed analysis of air power at the tactical level, drawing on fieldwork and regular visits to frontline units around the world, and provide support to exercises at the operational level for air forces, as well as strategic-level policy advice and reports for decision-makers.

The continuing development and evolution of Russian and Chinese combat air and ground-based air defence capabilities, including in Ukraine, is a core area of focus. We also review the efforts by NATO air forces to refocus on high-intensity mission sets and deterrence against peer states due to the rapid deterioration in the global security outlook. Other areas of research work include the development and requirements for uncrewed collaborative combat aircraft and uncrewed combat aerial vehicles; the evolution of joint force requirements for airpower in a multi-domain context; and the development of massed small uncrewed aerial systems (UAS) and counter-UAS capabilities in Russia, Ukraine and the West.

UK Ministry of Defence / Crown copyright 2021

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