Dr Sarah Ashbridge

Former Research Fellow


Dr Sarah Ashbridge is a Research Fellow in Military Science. Sarah is a military historian and a forensic archaeologist, having recently conducted studies into the operational response to fallen soldiers, the 1906 Geneva Convention and the archaeological legacy of war in Western Europe. 

Sarah’s PhD was funded by the AHRC Heritage Consortium on the topic of Military Identification: Identity Discs 1914-18 and the recovery of fallen soldiers. This interdisciplinary project explored the development and implementation of identity discs used during the long nineteenth century and the First World War.

Sarah has a professional background in project management and has worked on a range of UK and EU funded programmes. She is a Deployable Team Member for Kenyon International Emergency Services and was part of the response to the Grenfell Tower fire. Sarah has worked with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, Operation Nightingale (DIO), and Ruben Willaert BVBA in Belgium. 

RUSI Land Warfare Conference 2022