Dr Stephan Blancke

Associate Fellow - Expert in foreign espionage activities and intelligence services


Dr Stephan Blancke has over twenty years of experience in both government - including the UK Home Office - and academic institutions. He has worked predominantly analytically and within the framework of the necessary intelligence disciplines. He has designed his seminars for government agencies, NATO Special Forces, and other interested parties from the security sector. Stephan teaches methods of intelligence analysis, data collection and information processing as well as the political and historical context. Based on his expertise, he also conducts peer reviews and supervises theses.

His areas of expertise are foreign espionage activities, including from China, North Korea, Pakistan or Iran, their intelligence services, international clandestine networks of these countries and their use of front companies in connection with proliferation and the circumvention of sanctions. Stephan also investigates the activities of non-state actors on the dark web, in particular the trade in conventional and non-conventional weapons and materials. In addition, he investigated extremist and terrorist activities on social media.

Stephan's PhD dealt with non-state intelligence organisations. Thus, he researched counterintelligence and espionage activities of terrorist groups, religious cults, and organised crime. He holds a degree in administrative law and a diploma in political science. Stephan writes for Jane's Intelligence Review, Intelligence Online and sometimes for NK News, among others.

A select list of his publications can be accessed at: https://stephan.blancke.de/publications.php

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