Professor Peter Roberts

Senior Associate Fellow


Professor Peter Roberts is a Senior Associate Fellow, having been Director of Military Sciences at the Royal United Services Institute between January 2014 and November 2021.

His work at RUSI was centred around research on contemporary conflict, the development and trends in How we fight, and trying to understand what the norms and behaviours will be in future conflict between major military forces. During his eight years in the academic world, Peter was a regular commentator for global media outlets, provided evidence to parliaments around the world on military matters, and advised UK and foreign ministers, military chiefs and governments on conflict, force design, and the future risks from warfare.

Peter also hosted the Western Way of War podcast, which – peculiarly – garnered more than 200k followers and was streamed in 184 countries. He remains a non-resident professor of modern warfare at the Ecole de Guerre in Paris. Prior to joining RUSI, Peter spent twenty-three years in the Royal Navy as a warfare officer and served all over the world with a variety of militaries and agencies.


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