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The UK Project on Nuclear Issues (UK PONI) is a cross-generational network of over 500 members, which encourages young scholars and professionals to engage with established experts on contemporary nuclear issues. UK PONI convenes an annual conference, evening events around the country, and site visits. Membership of UK PONI is free of charge and open to anyone interested in, working on, or studying issues related to nuclear weapons or nuclear energy.

UK PONI was established in order to address the growing shortage of nuclear skills in the UK.  Over the coming decades, the UK is likely to maintain both military and civilian nuclear programmes. The issues surrounding nuclear weapons and nuclear energy are complex and multifaceted, and successive generations will be called upon to understand and manage them.  Stakeholders from industry, the military, government and academia must therefore collectively foster the emergence of a next generation of nuclear experts and build a broad knowledge base, from technical intricacies to international security dynamics.

The project aims to promote this next generation of nuclear expertise, by establishing a forum where emerging and established specialists can exchange knowledge and develop fresh thinking on a range of contemporary nuclear issues. Each year, it invites emerging experts to present their research and ideas to an audience of established members of the UK nuclear community at its Annual Conference, and convenes a bilateral conference together with US counterparts at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. UK PONI also hosts a series of evening seminars throughout the year, not only in London, but around the country. It frequently sponsors young delegates to participate in relevant conferences overseas, encouraging interaction with a global network of emerging nuclear specialists.

UK PONI is funded and supported by a consortium of government and industry stakeholders. This support allows UK PONI to pursue activities representing the interests of all parties to the nuclear debate, and maintain an independent forum where younger scholars can contribute new ideas to contemporary nuclear discussions. UK PONI enjoys the support and guidance of its Board of Advisors, which includes representatives from government, industry, the military, and academia. UK PONI's work is overseen by its Director, Andrea Berger, and its Programme Coordinator Emil Dall.

Membership of UK PONI is open to anyone interested in, working on, or studying issues related to nuclear weapons or nuclear energy.

Our membership includes representatives from government, the military, academia and industry. All members receive invitations to upcoming events, which are exclusive to UK PONI members, as well as regular newsletters.

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Andrea Berger
Deputy Director, Proliferation and Nuclear Policy and Senior Research Fellow +44 (0)20 7747 2630
Emil Dall
Research Fellow, Proliferation and Nuclear Policy