Stuart Cutting

UK PONI Advisory Board Member


I am the Lockheed Martin UK sponsor, and a keen advocate and Advisory Board member for UK PONI. Before joining Lockheed Martin UK 6 years ago, I worked for the UK MOD for 26 years. In 2006, I was part of the team that wrote the White Paper on the Future of the UK deterrent, which kindled my interest in this domain. From there I moved on to be the UK MOD desk officer for Ballistic Missile Defence policy for a number of years, before joining the UK Missile Defence Centre to lead their threat and threat reduction program. This was an excellent opportunity to consider the range of technical, operational and political dimensions of this complex issue, as well as BMD’s impact on strategic balance.

Lockheed Martin has been sponsoring UK PONI since its inception, and we see it as an excellent opportunity to support this community, but also as a way to develop presentation, critical thinking and networking skills for our early career engineering staff. Our staff always look forward to developing papers for the annual conference, and attending as many events as possible as they recognise the unique opportunities being part of the community an offer.