Fiona Barton

UK PONI Advisory Board Member


Fiona joined Rolls-Royce as a graduate engineer. Her first substantive role was in the Submarines business. Fiona spent 6 years in the Reactor Electrical Controls and Instrumentation (EC&I) department, firstly as an engineer providing support for in-service reactor sensors and latterly as a Team Leader responsible for the design of the EC&I system for the Dreadnought class submarines. Between these roles Fiona worked as a Technical Assistant to the President of the Submarines business and represented Rolls-Royce and the UK at the World Nuclear University Summer Institute (2011, University of Oxford). Fiona then moved to the Reactor Core Design and Manufacture department and worked in the Core Materials team for 4 years. During that time Fiona worked on fleet safety justifications, materials research and manufacturing capability development. In May 2020 Fiona took up the position of Engineering Manager responsible for the design and safety justification of reactor core components and CRDMs across the CADMID lifecycle.

Fiona’s involvement with UK PONI commenced with a presentation at the 2012 Annual Conference.

Rolls-Royce has been a key sponsor of UK PONI since its inception in 2010 and has provided presenters and attendees at every annual conference and other events since. Rolls-Royce encourages UK PONI to address issues relevant to the nuclear defence and civil industry and to develop the project’s reach outside of London.