Papers from the 2015 Annual Conference of the UK Project on Nuclear Issues

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These papers were presented by emerging experts from the UK Project on Nuclear Issues (UK PONI) at the 2015 UK PONI Annual Conference, held at RUSI in June 2015


Editors’ Note

Nuclear Powers and Terrorism: Challenges for Indo-Pakistani Strategic Stability 
Tahir Mahmood Azad

A Nuclear Procurement Channel for Iran: Mission Impossible?
Michele Capeleto

How to Deal with North Korea’s Nuclear Programme: Lessons Learned from the Iran Nuclear Negotiations
Jinho Chung

Managed Instability: The NATO–Russia Strategic Relationship
Thomas Frear

The Strategy and Challenges for UK Civil Nuclear Plant Life Extension
Andrew Gilmour

The Decision to Drop the Bomb: Remembering the Physicists
Emerson Moreno

Reactor in a Box: Unpacking the Potential of Small Nuclear Reactors
Lizzie Murray

Black Rain at Hiroshima and Nagasaki: The Hidden Complexities of Nuclear-Weapons Effects
Joseph Schofield

The Future of the UK’s Nuclear-Weapons Programme: Domestic and International Considerations
Rachel Staley

What Use is a Treaty that’s Not in Force? The UK and the Comprehensive Test-Ban Treaty
David Sully


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