Networks and Learning in Nuclear Policy

We convene dialogues, host events and deliver briefings to broaden understanding of nuclear issues.

The return of nuclear weapons to the centre of international security affairs has highlighted a lack of expertise, both inside and outside government, on nuclear policy. Our work at RUSI aims to fill that gap.

We convene dialogues, host public and private events, and deliver briefings on nuclear policy to broaden understanding of nuclear issues among politicians, officials, journalists and the public. We use our long-standing specialism in the nuclear field to help rebuild 'nuclear IQ', and to connect next-generation professionals with established experts.

UK Project on Nuclear Issues

The UK Project on Nuclear Issues (UK PONI) is a cross-generational network which encourages young scholars and professionals to engage with established experts on contemporary nuclear issues.

Trilateral Nuclear Dialogues

The Trilateral Nuclear Dialogues convene current and former senior officials and experts from the US, France and the UK to discuss nuclear policy issues.

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