The project aims to support the development of a tightly-knit community of emerging voices that have the potential to influence the nuclear field. Whether you are an early-career professional, an undergraduate or postgraduate student, join us and help build this community from the ground up!

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Connecting across boundaries

UK PONI draws together the broad range of communities of emerging nuclear specialists, principally addressing the technical-policy, senior-junior, government-nongovernment, and military-civilian divides. UK PONI will continue to engage the civil nuclear community, and to provide specialists in nuclear weapons issues some exposure to civil nuclear issues, but it will do this in partnership with similar organisations in the civil nuclear sector, rather than seeking to develop a distinct new offering.

Developing, including and representing

UK PONI provides knowledge or skills development opportunities for its members that can be more directly tied to their personal development plans. This incorporates continued efforts to promote diversity of inclusion and representation in the opportunities and platforms provided by UK PONI events and activities, and the formalisation with a range of suitable partners of our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Providing a platform for emerging talent

UK PONI offers a range of platforms for emerging nuclear specialists to expose their skills and knowledge to broader audiences, in the UK and overseas, allowing more developed individuals to explore and exploit new opportunities, and sustaining their interest in nuclear weapons issues.