Proliferation and Nuclear Policy

We analyse nuclear, chemical and biological weapons issues, promoting better policy and greater public understanding.

The Proliferation and Nuclear Policy (PNP) team conducts research and convenes dialogue on nuclear, chemical and biological weapons issues. We have five main programmes of work:

  • Understanding deterrence and risk in the new nuclear age
  • Stopping the spread of nuclear weapons and their means of delivery
  • Strategic and security aspects of civil nuclear power
  • Understanding chemical and biological weapon threats
  • Building nuclear policy networks and encouraging learning

Across all these programmes, we write public and private analysis, we brief policymakers and parliamentarians, we bring people together in high-level discussions and next-generation networks, and we contribute to public debate.

Our community of partners and our audiences include officials, experts, military personnel, industry, scientists and engineers, and the public at large. We cooperate closely with other RUSI teams, including Open Source Intelligence and Analysis (OSIA), and the Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies (CFCS).


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The UK Project on Nuclear Issues (UK PONI) is a cross-generational network which encourages young scholars and professionals to engage with established experts on contemporary nuclear issues.

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