Dr Giangiuseppe Pili

RUSI Associate Fellow; Assistant Professor, James Madison University


Giangiuseppe Pili (Ph.D.) is an Assistant Professor in the Intelligence Analysis Program at James Madison University. He was previously a Research Fellow at Open Source Intelligence and Analysis at the Royal United Services Institute and is now a RUSI Associate Fellow.

He is an external member of Intelligence Lab – Calabria University and a former lecturer in intelligence studies. He earned a PhD in analytic philosophy on logics and theory of knowledge applied to political institutions. He is an editorial board member of the Italian Society of Intelligence, and host of the series Intelligence & Interview. Along with professor Mario Caligiuri, he is the author of Intelligence Studies (2020), which was included in the official digest of the Italian Security Services (DIS).

He is the author of fourteen peer-review journal articles on intelligence, war, and security in four different disciplines: intelligence studies, war studies, epistemology, and cognitive psychology. He published in all the main intelligence studies journals including Intelligence and National Security, the International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence, the International Journal of Intelligence, Security and Public Affairs, and in Social Epistemology for a systematic analysis of intelligence as knowledge producer. Along with Dr Jules Gaspard (King’s College – London), he is the co-editor of the special issue on the philosophy of intelligence for Intelligence and National Security. In the Italian language, he published seven books about intelligence, war, chess and philosophy, including one extensive monograph on the philosophy of war. His main areas of interest are intelligence analysis, OSINT, Italian intelligence, and theory and practice of intelligence.

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