What do Russian ships hide from the world? Ukraine is already looking for them in the Black Sea

Featured in Pravda

Russia's SPARTA IV


"In 2023, SPARTA IV made at least six voyages between Russian military ports in Tartus, Syria, and Novorossiysk in the Black Sea," according to a report by RUSI, a British think tank dedicated to security and military topics. The SPARTA IV vessel is interesting in that it is owned by Moscow-based Oboronlogistics, a firm backed by the Russian Ministry of Defense. It is a modern, 122-meter-long ship for transporting heavy and dangerous cargoes. Two cranes on the vessel can carry things weighing up to 55 tons, so they can also load Russian T-90 tanks. Giangiuseppe Pili, one of the authors of the RUSI study, told Pravda that the U.S. Naval Institute and NATO Defense College's reports even mention a fleet of ships Russia uses to transport military equipment in the Black Sea.