Iran in the Global Security Context

RUSI’s project on Iran in the Global Security Context examines developments on the Iranian nuclear issue, their interaction with regional and global security matters, and implications for UK policy.

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Since the withdrawal of the United States from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action – or the Iran nuclear deal, as it is commonly known – and Iran’s subsequent decrease in compliance with the agreement’s provisions, the future of the Iranian nuclear programme has become increasingly uncertain. This project aims to understand how developments on the Iranian nuclear issue inform regional and global perceptions of – and policies towards – Iran and vice versa, with a particular focus on implications for UK policy. Current project research includes a study of the role that Iran and its nuclear programme play in the regional security perceptions of Gulf Cooperation Council states.

The project is a collaboration between RUSI’s Proliferation and Nuclear Policy and the International Security StudiesUnpacking the MENA Programme.

Unsplash / Alena Vavrdova

Aims and objectives

As part of this project, RUSI is convening expert roundtables on matters particularly relevant to regional perspectives and UK policy on the Iranian nuclear programme and wider regional security dynamics.

The project team’s current research aims to identify regional security perceptions towards Iran, its nuclear programme and its regional policies, with a particular focus on implications for a renewed nuclear agreement. We are also publishing commentaries on key developments analysed by experts from RUSI and elsewhere.

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