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Insights on contemporary regional security developments around the world.

The intensifying geopolitical and geo-economic contest between the US and China, as well as the emergence of competing centres of power and influence in Eurasia, Europe, the Middle East and the Indo-Pacific, are creating increased international tensions, risks of conflict and growing military confrontation.

The Global Security Briefing Podcast Series provides regular insights from the RUSI International Security Studies team and leading international experts to help you make sense of the far-reaching changes affecting international security around the globe. A key theme is how the UK can best shape its foreign and security policies in an increasingly dynamic international environment.

New episodes will air every two weeks, on Wednesdays.

Episode 4: The UK and the Future of European Security

In this episode, hosted by Dr Neil Melvin, Director RUSI International Security Studies, Richard G Whitman, Professor of Politics and International Relations and a member of the Global Europe Centre at the University of Kent, and Sophia Gaston, Director of the British Foreign Policy Group, discuss how the UK has navigated European issues post-Brexit and what the 2021 Integrated Review signals about the UK’s future approach to European security.

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Episode 3: Sweden, the Netherlands and the Future of European Security

In this episode, hosted by Dr Neil Melvin, Director RUSI International Security Studies, Anna Wieslander, Director for Northern Europe at the Atlantic Council, and Dick Zandee, Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Security Unit of the Research Department at the Clingendael Institute, discuss how Sweden and the Netherlands are seeking to balance their security interests around NATO and the EU as the European security landscape undergoes significant shifts.

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Episode 2: France and the Future of European Security

In this podcast episode hosted by Dr Neil Melvin, Director International Security Studies, Jean-Pierre Maulny, Deputy Director of the French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs (IRIS), and Alice Billon-Galland, Research Fellow at Chatham House, discuss the evolving French debate on European security, how France views its security partnership with the UK after Brexit, and French views on the regional and international security threats facing Europe.

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Episode 1: Germany and the Future of European Security

In this podcast episode, hosted by Dr. Neil Melvin, Director RUSI International Security Studies, Dr. Christian Mölling, Research Director at the German Council on Foreign Relations, and Dr. Barbara Kunz, Senior Researcher, Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy, Hamburg, examine how Germany views the challenges to European security as the continent faces increasing threats, both in its neighbourhood and globally, and reflect on the UK’s future regional security role post-Brexit.

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