Episode 24: Europe and the High North: Denmark and Estonia

This episode explores how changing security and defence dynamics in the Arctic and High North are affecting Europe, and how northern European states are seeking to upgrade their Arctic policies in response. The cases of Denmark and Estonia are considered in detail.

Dr Mikkel Runge Olesen, Senior Researcher for Foreign Policy and Diplomacy at the Danish Institute for International Studies, and Tomas Jermalavicius, Head of Studies at the International Centre for Defence and Security in Estonia, discuss with Dr Neil Melvin, Director, International Security Studies at RUSI, how Europe has had to adapt its Arctic and High North defence and security policies because of Russia’s changed regional position and against the backdrop of rising tensions. The approaches of Denmark, as an Arctic state, and Estonia, as a country increasingly part of the broad northern security space linking the Arctic and Baltic regions, are considered.


Dr Neil Melvin

Director, International Security

International Security

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