Episode 46: The Changing Geopolitics of Energy in the MENA Region

This episode focuses on how global energy trends have shaped the geopolitics of the MENA for much of the past century, and how they will continue to do so.

For over two decades, the region seemed to be losing a lot of its energy importance for the West. Both the US and European countries have sought to reduce their involvement in MENA geopolitics, declaring instead their intention to focus on the Indo-Pacific. This all changed with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022 and the subsequent energy crisis in Europe. As European countries have scrambled to replace oil and gas supplies from Russia, they have returned to the MENA. Furthermore, later this year, the UAE will host COP28, the UN’s annual climate change conference.

Host Neil Melvin discusses with Tobias Borck, Research Fellow for Middle East Security at RUSI, the big developments in the geopolitics of energy in the MENA. How are the oil and gas producers of the MENA region reacting to the renewed interest from Europe and the West, and how are they positioning themselves internationally? For all this and more, tune in now!


Dr Neil Melvin

Director, International Security

International Security

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Dr Tobias Borck

Senior Associate Fellow

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