Episode 27: The South Caucasus and Black Sea Security

This episode examines how the South Caucasus states of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan are being affected by Russia’s war against Ukraine.

The crisis comes at a time when the region is already experiencing significant changes as a result of the second Karabakh war and growing external competition for influence from Russia, Turkey, Iran and China. It also occurs as the transatlantic community considers its future approach to Black Sea security.

Natia Seskuria, Director of the Regional Institute of Security Studies in Tbilisi and RUSI Associate Fellow, and Richard Giragosian, Director of the Regional Studies Centre in Yerevan, discuss with Dr Neil Melvin, Director, RUSI International Security Studies, the implications for the wider Black Sea security space, and trace developments in the region’s protracted conflicts.


Natia Seskuria

Associate Fellow; Founder and Executive Director of RISS

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Dr Neil Melvin

Director, International Security

International Security

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