Episode 13: The UK and Russia in the Middle East and North Africa

This episode examines how the UK and Russia are approaching relations with countries of the Middle East as the region experiences major conflict and instability. While there is growing competition as the UK and Russia renew their interests, there may be areas where they could work together to help stabilise the region, notably on handling Iran's nuclear programme.

After declining regional interest following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia returned to the Middle East with its 2014 military intervention in Syria – an involvement Moscow has subsequently sought to deepen. Meanwhile, the UK is looking to reshape its regional engagement, notably as part of its post-Brexit readjustment of its foreign and security policies.

In this episode, Dr Dmitri Trenin, Director of the Carnegie Moscow Center, and Michael Stevens, a leading authority on the UK’s role in the Middle East and North Africa, discuss with Dr Neil Melvin, Director of RUSI’s International Security Studies team, how regional competition and limited cooperation between London and Moscow is playing out across the region.

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