Episode 45: Has the UK Found a New Post-Brexit Foreign and Security Policy?

Following the announcement of the ‘Windsor Framework’ between the UK and Brussels over Northern Ireland’s trading arrangements - ending the most bitter Brexit dispute - there is a palpable sense that the UK may have turned a corner in its relations with the EU.

With the UK taking a leading role in support of Ukraine and in more broadly countering Russia , the country also seems to have to have reasserted itself as one of Europe’s leading powers. At home, the weakening of the Scottish Nationalist movement and their drive for independence has also brought a sense that another cloud hanging over the future of the UK has begun to pass. Perhaps for the first time since the 2016 vote to leave the EU, the UK can begin to look ahead with greater confidence about its place in Europe and the wider world.

However, the UK also faces considerable challenges operating outside major trading blocs and facing a complex and increasingly hostile international security environment. Join us on this edition of the Global Security Briefing as host Neil Melvin is joined by Dr. Richard Whitman, Senior Fellow on the UK in a Changing Europe initiative (University of Kent) to discuss just how the UK will navigate these important challenges. Outside the EU, but at the heart of European security, what does the UK now look like as a European security actor?

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