War in Space Podcasts

How does space impact our security? What are the implications for society and what do threats in space actually look like?

War in Space is a fortnightly podcast that will demystify the debate about space and national security by explaining how geography and politics are projected into the space domain. We will unravel the technical jargon that floats around these discussions, illuminate the dark spaces and assess the quantifiable risks that have made such conversations increasingly worrying for the public.

Hosted by Juliana Suess, Policy Researcher for Space Security at the Royal United Services Institute, every episode will invite a guest to explore why people engaged in national security have been so seized by space in the last few years.

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Season 1

Welcome to our first season of the War in Space Podcast Series. Access the latest episodes.

Episode 2: Space Weather, Orbital Velocities and Sputnik's Nose Cone
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Episode 1: War in Space? That’s So Mainstream
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Podcast Trailer: What is War in Space?
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