Episode 15: Rocket Beginnings: What Links Missile Development and Spaceflight?

The history of spaceflight has always been closely linked to the development of missile technology. But does that mean that advances in a country's missile programme also spell success for its space ambitions? And is there a difference between a rocket and a missile?

Melissa Hanham, an affiliate with the Stanford Center for International Security and Cooperation, explains why missile developments matter for space, why diplomatic language around this wording can be important, and how space in turn helps us keep track of ballistic missile testing.

War in Space Podcasts

Space is becoming increasingly congested, contested and competed over. It has never been so easy – or so cheap – to launch a satellite into orbit. With space activity proliferating, its impact on national security has grown too: space assets are becoming vulnerable and space debris is becoming increasingly dangerous. War in Space is a series of interviews with experts in space and defence that will analyse the intersection of space and national security, unravelling the technical jargon that so often accompanies these discussions and explaining why space matters for our everyday lives and security.


Juliana Suess

Research Fellow, Space Security

Military Sciences

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