Episode 21: Western Technology at the Heart of Russia's Military Machine

In this Adversarial Studies Seminar, we are joined by James Byrne, Director of OSIA, RUSI, to discuss how Russia has been able to secure critical western technological inputs in areas such as semiconductors for its war machine notwithstanding the sanctions imposed on the country, and how this technology flow might be curtailed.

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Efforts by adversaries to appropriate western technology for strategic purposes are hardly new. For example, the KGB’s directorate T spent much of the Cold War attempting to transfer technological know-how from Silicon Valley. However, in the globalised post-Cold War era, the scope, scale and sophistication of these efforts have grown exponentially.

The Orlan Complex: Tracking the Supply Chains of Russia’s Most Successful UAV
Silicon Lifeline: Western Electronics at the Heart of Russia's War Machine


James Byrne

Director, OSIA

Open Source Intelligence and Analysis (OSIA)

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Dr Sidharth Kaushal

Research Fellow, Sea Power

Military Sciences

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