Recording: War in Ukraine: Understanding Russia’s Military Strategy

As fighting continues, the discussion looks at what lessons the war can teach us about Russia’s broader military strategy.

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In the days following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, analysis has focused predominantly on the tactical: assessing the capabilities of troops on the ground, logistical support, and command structures.

This discussion, led by RUSI’s Russia in the World Programme in partnership with the Kennan Institute – the premier US-based centre for advanced research on Russia and Eurasia – takes a broader approach by examining what the current war reveals about Russia's military strategy and its security thinking on countries such as Belarus. Speakers assess what 'victory' and 'defeat' could look like for Putin's administration, as well as touch on the economic costs for Russia as sanctions begin to bite and multinational companies previously untroubled by Russia’s behaviour now withdraw.


  • Emily Ferris, Research Fellow, Russia and Eurasia, RUSI
  • Dr Richard Connolly, Director, Eastern Advisory Group and Associate Fellow, RUSI
  • Dr Andrew Monaghan, George F Kennan Fellow, Wilson Center and Senior Associate Fellow, RUSI


Emily Ferris

Senior Research Fellow, Russian and Eurasian Security

International Security

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Dr Richard Connolly

Associate Fellow - Specialist on the Russian economy

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Dr Andrew Monaghan

Senior Associate Fellow; Founding Director, Russia Research Network

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