Dr Andrew Monaghan

Senior Associate Fellow; Founding Director, Russia Research Network


Dr Andrew Monaghan specialises in Russian grand strategy, particularly Moscow’s thinking about the future and ways in war.

He is the founding Director of the Russia Research Network. Additionally, he is a Global Fellow at the Wilson Center’s Kennan Institute in Washington DC, and a Non-Resident Associate Fellow of the NATO Defence College in Rome. 

Previously, he has directed research on Russia at Oxford University’s Changing Character of War Centre, and at the NATO Defence College. Additionally, he has worked at Chatham House and the UK's Defence Academy, and been both an Academic Visitor at St Antony's College, Oxford and a George F. Kennan Fellow at the Wilson Center's Kennan Institute.

He is a regular speaker at international conferences and literary festivals. He has also acted as an expert witness to parliaments, including the House of Commons Defence and Foreign Affairs Select Committees and NATO’s Parliamentary Assembly, and acted as a consultant to government ministries and militaries in the UK and US, NATO, the EU and to major international companies.

Dr Monaghan is widely published, and his books include Power in Modern Russia - Strategy and Mobilisation (2017), Dealing with the Russians (2019), Russian Grand Strategy in the Era of Global Power Competition (2022) and The Sea in Russian Strategy (2023). His latest, a revised and updated edition of The New Politics of Russia: Interpreting Change, was published in spring 2024. 

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