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HMS Queen Elizabeth at sea. Courtesy of Dave Jenkins/Wikimedia

Decision Points: Rationalising the Armed Forces of European Medium Powers

Edited by Jack Watling
Whitehall Papers, 30 September 2020
Aerospace, Military Sciences, UK Integrated Review 2021, Defence Management, Defence Policy, Land Forces, Maritime Forces, Military Personnel, Europe
Europe's medium powers face unavoidable tradeoffs when determining the future shape of their militaries.

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The return of great power competition makes hard power critical to ensuring national security. Technological advances and economic constraints, however, are making it more expensive and complex to field credible military formations. European medium powers are today faced with tough choices as to the capabilities they pursue, and how they structure their armed forces. Decision Points: Rationalising the Armed Forces of European Medium Powers examines these trade-offs and calls for policymakers to approach each key decision on the future of their country’s military with a clearer sense of the consequences for their state’s foreign policy.   

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