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Guide to Conducting a National Proliferation Financing Risk Assessment

Anagha Joshi, Emil Dall and Darya Dolzikova
Other Publications, 13 May 2019
Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies, Counter-Proliferation Finance, Proliferation and Nuclear Policy, AML/CTF
Countering the financial flows available to state and non-state proliferators plays an important role in wider efforts to counter the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Understanding proliferation financing risks improves jurisdictions' awareness of this illicit activity and strengthens their ability to respond. This guide offers information and guidance for conducting a proliferation financing national risk assessment.

This guide aims to assist governments in conducting a national risk assessment on proliferation financing (PF). It will help them to understand their exposure to PF risks, implement financial provisions of proliferation-related UN Security Council resolutions, and achieve effective implementation of the Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) recommendations on proliferation finance. It includes the RUSI Proliferation Financing Rapid Risk Assessment Tool, a spreadsheet-based tool developed by Anagha Joshi for conducting national risk assessments.

This risk assessment guide is a resource for jurisdictions to adapt to their own national priorities and processes. Not every aspect of the guide will be relevant to all jurisdictions.
Jurisdictions that have not previously considered PF as a national financial crime risk distinct from money laundering or terrorist financing will be able to use the guide and the RUSI Proliferation Financing Rapid Risk Assessment Tool to carry out a risk assessment for the first time. Jurisdictions that have already conducted a national risk assessment on PF can make use of this narrative discussion to adapt their existing methodologies and frameworks.

This guide is a key resource used by RUSI staff to support jurisdictions in carrying out national risk assessments on PF. RUSI can provide further assistance on risk assessments through: 

  • Awareness-raising of PF risks among government and the private sector.
  • Support for conducting a rapid risk assessment using RUSI tools.
  • Support for developing or adapting a tailored risk-assessment methodology.
  • Support and input during a risk-assessment process and development of a final report. 

Anagha Joshi
Associate Fellow

Anagha undertakes research projects for RUSI’s Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies. She also works as an independent... read more

Emil Dall
Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Financial Crime & Security Studies

Emil Dall is a Research Fellow in the Centre for Financial Crime & Security Studies at RUSI, where his research focuses on sanctions... read more

Darya Dolzikova​
Research Fellow in Proliferation and Nuclear Policy

Darya is Research Fellow in Proliferation and Nuclear Policy. Her research focuses on understanding the nuclear weapons programmes of... read more

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