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UK–Russia Security Dialogue: European Security

Malcolm Chalmers and Andrey Kortunov
Conference Reports, 30 March 2021
UK-Russia Security Dialogue, Russia, UK
This Conference Report outlines the main findings of the workshop on ‘European Security’ organised by RUSI and the Russian International Affairs Council in February 2021 as part of the UK–Russia Security Dialogue.

UK–Russia relations have become increasingly strained over the past decade, notably from 2014 following Russia’s actions in Crimea and the war in eastern Ukraine, which together marked a turning point in the bilateral relationship. In the subsequent years, there have been a series of efforts by Western European leaders, including from the UK, to reset relations with Russia. Despite these efforts, relations have continued to deteriorate. Against this background, the prospect for a reset of the sort that was pursued between the US and Russia in 2009 seems, at present, dim. 

Given this environment, the focus of the current dialogue workshop was on how to reduce the chances for open military confrontation between NATO and Russia, especially in Europe, and on maintaining mutual engagement in the spheres where it is absolutely crucial.

Malcolm Chalmers is RUSI’s Deputy Director-General.

Andrey Kortunov is RIAC’s Director-General.

BANNER IMAGE: Courtesy of luzitanija/Adobe Stock.

Malcolm Chalmers
Deputy Director-General

Professor Malcolm Chalmers is Deputy Director-General of RUSI and directs its growing portfolio of research into contemporary... read more

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