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Swiftsure in Dock No. 2 at Rosyth with RC Access Facility in Place, 2017. Courtesy of Babcock, May 2017.

The 2017 UK PONI Papers

Edited by Cristina Varriale
Conference Reports, 14 September 2017
Defence, Industries and Society, UK Project on Nuclear Issues, Trident, Proliferation and Nuclear Policy
The 2017 UK PONI Papers examine contemporary civil and military nuclear issues and are written by emerging experts from academia, government and industry who presented at the 2017 UK Project on Nuclear Issues (UK PONI) Annual Conference.

The issues surrounding nuclear weapons and nuclear energy are complex and multifaceted, and successive generations will be called upon to understand and manage them. Stakeholders from industry, the military, government and academia must therefore collectively foster the emergence of the next generation of nuclear experts and build a broad knowledge base, from technical intricacies to international security dynamics.

UK PONI aims to promote this next generation of nuclear expertise by establishing a forum where emerging and established specialists can exchange knowledge and develop fresh thinking on a range of contemporary nuclear issues. Each year, it invites emerging experts to present their research and ideas to an audience of established members of the UK nuclear community at the UK PONI Annual Conference. The presentations from the 2017 Annual Conference have been adapted by the experts for this publication.


Editor’s Note

I. The Collapsing Battlespace: NATO–Russian Nuclear Stability in an Era of Technological Upheaval
Alexander Velez-Green

II. Examining Deterrence Measures in the Republic of Korea in an Unpredictable Alliance
Matt Korda

III. Forging the Vision: Opportunities and Challenges of the Next Nuclear Posture Review
Michaela Dodge

IV. The Indian Ocean and the South China Sea
Michael Broadbent

V. How We Talk about ‘The Bomb’
Ben Stanley

VI. Disarming Without the Armed: The Subversive Arms Control Model
Jennifer Knox

VII. US Nuclear Modernisation: Necessary and Feasible?
Christina Krawec

VIII. A Novel Approach to Submarine Dismantling
Michael Donnington

IX. Tactical Nuclear Weapons: Revisiting History’s Key to Crisis De-Escalation
Andrea Howard

X. Deterrence Communications: Theory and Practice
Oliver Barton

XI. The UK Potential for Offshore Nuclear Power Plant Implementation
Nathan Edge 

The views expressed in this publication are those of the authors and do not reflect the views of RUSI or any other institution.

Cristina Varriale
Research Fellow

Cristina Varriale is a Research Fellow with in Proliferation and Nuclear Policy at RUSI, where she focuses on North Korea’s WMD... read more

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