Episode 4: The View from Qatar and Oman

In this episode, hosts Darya Dolzikova and Tobias Borck discuss Qatar and Oman’s perspectives on Iran, its nuclear programme and regional security.

Dr Andreas Krieg from King’s College London describes Qatar’s unique position in the region and explains how the country balances relations with Iran and its Arab neighbours. Turki al-Bulushi (Bloomberg) explains why neutrality is a core principle of Omani foreign policy, even in relations with its Gulf neighbours. Darya and Tobias also assess the latest developments in the region and the Iran nuclear talks.

Mind the Gulf Podcast Series

'Mind the Gulf'

Mind the Gulf is part of RUSI’s Iran in the Global Security Context project, which examines linkages between the Iranian nuclear programme and regional security in the Gulf and the wider Middle East. The project and this podcast examine the perspectives of countries in the region, with a particular focus on the six Gulf monarchies and Iran. The aim is to identify key concerns that need to be addressed if the diplomacy on Iran’s nuclear programme is to be rendered resilient within the regional security context.

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Darya Dolzikova​

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Proliferation and Nuclear Policy

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Dr Tobias Borck

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