Young Russian who fled to avoid conscription says ‘I don’t want to kill anyone ever’

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War in Ukraine


Nick Reynolds, a research analyst for land warfare at Rusi, doubted that draft evasion would be serious enough to threaten Russia’s military power in terms of the number of available soldiers. But it could get worse if pubic opinion on the war shifts significantly. “It seems clear that those who can will be increasingly determined to avoid the draft,” he said.

"Russia has relied on conscripts throughout its offensive in Ukraine, pressuring them to sign contracts of service and reducing the requirements for people to join without experience, according to the Royal United Services Institute (Rusi)."

"A recent report from the defence think tank said: “For Russia to significantly increase its numbers it would need to retain its last round of conscripts and call up reserves.” It added that Russia could be preparing to mobilise a much larger force for a prolonged war."

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