‘The U.S. May Not Be Coming To Save Us.’ Why, And How, Europe Might Have To Battle Russia By Itself.

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Russia is mobilizing its armed forces, and its economy, for a yearslong war in Ukraine. And if and when it defeats Ukraine, Russia might keep right on attacking—west toward the Baltic States, Poland and other countries along NATO’s frontier. And the United States, NATO’s most powerful member, might not do anything to stop these cataclysms. “The U.S. may not be coming to save us,” analyst Justin Bronk wrote while announcing his new study for the Royal United Services Institute in London...“The maximum period of risk of the Chinese military attempting to blockade or invade Taiwan or key disputed territories in the South or East China Seas is likely to be 2026 to 2028,” Bronk wrote. By that timeframe, the Chinese military might possess significant aerial and naval advantages over America’s Pacific-based forces. “Very problematic Chinese capabilities will be largely mature and fielded, but many of the U.S. answers”—new stealth fighters and bombers, in particular—“will not be ready yet,” Bronk explained.