Russia ‘solving logistics problems’ and could attack Kyiv within days

Featured in The Guardian

War in Ukraine


Nick Reynolds, a land warfare expert at RUSI, said he believed that while the Russian military would not have solved its logistical problems, efforts would have been made to resupply at least part of the invading forces. “The question is whether it will be in sufficiently good shape to attempt to complete the encirclement of Kyiv,” Reynolds said, “given the physical and psychological hammering that their forces have taken while they were in a state of confused disorganisation.”

"Speaking at an event organised by the RUSI (Royal United Services Institute) thinktank, [Michael] Kofman said he believed “the logistics problem is oversold” and the problem faced by the invaders was more basic – that it was “extremely hard to undo” the traffic jam problem once it emerged. “Militaries often have to learn problems the hard way,” he added.