Russia Advances Disinformation in Africa, Who Holds Them Accountable?

Featured in Voice of America

Russia in Africa


Neil Melvin, director of International Security Studies at London-based Royal United Security Institute, or RUSI, says while Russia seeks to advance its propaganda narrative, describing its efforts as the "biggest propaganda victory ever," may be an exaggeration — even as Russia takes an opportunistic approach in regions with instability, aiming to establish partnerships with military groups seeking power. "We saw that in Sudan, we've seen it recently in parts of Sahel and West Africa. Historically, they (Russia) have done it with Ethiopia," he said. "So, I think that's certainly part of the model, that's quite disruptive, because of course, it just accelerates instability." Melvin says the primary objective of these partnerships in Africa is to secure resources, and Russia, through its paramilitary, the Wagner Group, seeks access to these resources. "It's almost like a scavenging approach," Melvin said.