Global Partnership for Responsible Cyber Behaviour (GP-RCB)

The global cyber landscape is increasingly challenging. The growing global dependence on digital technology and the internet brings with it serious risks and vulnerabilities, which state and non-state actors alike are exploiting to further their ends. Disruptive cyber operations are increasingly being used by hostile actors worldwide as they seek to achieve strategic advantage through cyberspace.

Despite the positive achievements of multilateral forums, increasing tensions between key players are making it hard to achieve an international consensus on responsible cyber behaviour and how this can be effectively promoted. We currently lack information on how a wide range of countries and stakeholders are approaching the question of responsible cyber, including the practicalities of promoting and implementing cyber policies.

The focus of the Global Partnership for Responsible Cyber Behaviour (GP-RCB) is to map practical understandings of responsible cyber behaviour by conducting evidence-based research and connecting experts from different sectors and regions to reflect the diversity of views on the topic.

Securing Cyberspace Conference 2024

Join us on 9 October for RUSI’s inaugural Securing Cyberspace conference, bringing together academia, industry, governments, and civil society organisations for a discussion on domestic and regional views on ‘Responsible Cyber Behaviour in Practice: A Global View’.


  • RUSI and Partners Organise UN Discussion on Accountability in Incident Respons...

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  • RUSI and Estonia Organise UN Dialogue on Ransomware with Costa Rica and Vanuatu

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Event recordings

  • Recording: Bridging Digital Borders Conference: Cybersecurity Capacity Buildin...

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  • Recording: Launching the Global Partnership for Responsible Cyber Behaviour

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