Recording: Launching the Global Partnership for Responsible Cyber Behaviour

A discussion marking the launch of RUSI’s initiative to promote evidence-based research across regions and sectors on issues concerning stability in cyberspace.

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Throughout the past decades, the UN has been a key venue for discussions on norms for responsible state behaviour. Many agreements have been made which attempt to guide rules for states’ activities.

However, efforts to promote responsible cyber behaviour are becoming more challenging given increasing geopolitical disputes – not to mention the role of non-state actors in facilitating the expansion of malicious cyber activities through increasingly sophisticated and distributed commercialisation strategies. There is a need to map out how a wide range of countries and stakeholders are approaching the question of responsibility in this realm.

In response to such challenges, RUSI is joining with an extensive group of institutions and experts to launch the Global Partnership for Responsible Cyber Behaviour (GP-RCB). The Partnership will serve as an international platform to promote greater dialogue, debate and research to advance the understanding of responsible behaviour in cyberspace.

To celebrate the launch of the GP-RCB, RUSI will be hosting a panel discussion with key scholars and practitioners who have been at the forefront of many of these debates to reflect on how we need to take forward an evidence-based and diverse discussion on responsible cyber behaviour.


  • Matthew Wong – First Secretary, Permanent Mission of Singapore to the UN
  • Elina Noor – Senior Fellow Asia Programme, Carnegie Endowment
  • Kerry-Ann Barrett – Cyber Security Programme Manager, Organization for American States
  • Jamie Collier – Senior Threat Intelligence Advisor, Mandiant/Google
  • Chair: Louise Marie Hurel, Research Fellow, RUSI


Louise Marie Hurel

Research Fellow


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