Updates from the frontline and understanding rising nuclear tension

Published by The Telegraph


"...The concern that some people have had during this war is that out of either desperation or a desire to coerce the Ukrainians or Ukraine supporters in the West, Vladimir Putin might conduct some kind of either nuclear explosion or nuclear strike. And mostly people have been thinking about the possibility of whether Putin would be reckless and stupid enough to think that he could conduct a limited strike without that strike leading to total catastrophe for for Russia and for Putin himself. So the concern has been that Putin could dream himself up a scenario where a limited use of nuclear weapons doesn't lead to the end of the world as we know it and and to the end of Russia as we know it, and instead ends the war on favourable terms to Russia. This is not a new concept or a new worry when it comes to a nuclear power fighting a war, and even nor is it a new concept or a new worry when it comes to Russia fighting war...."