Technology-dependent Economic Resilience

This theme considers the increasing dependency between technology development and investment, economic prosperity and a resilient security posture.

The theme focuses on the role of technology in advancing economic statecraft and competitiveness. Economic security is recognised as a core part of the UK’s national security agenda. A strong economy allows for investment in national security, and investment in national security provides for a stable business and investment environment, which drives prosperity.

Given the economy’s reliance on access to technology, its correct operation is a national security matter. Therefore, investments in secure technology are crucial; the national interest depends on reaping the benefits of technological innovation while protecting strategic advantage in key technology areas and control over significant national security outcomes.

The dilemma is already evident in the arena of 5G, with future battlegrounds emerging in the supply of microprocessors. How the UK mobilises its sizable science and technology base to navigate these complexities will determine the areas in which the UK can develop a strategic advantage and strengthen its economy.

Programme outputs

Workshop Series: Central Bank Digital Currencies and UK National Security - September-October 2021
RUSI held a mix of online and in-person workshops in September and October 2021 on the topic of ‘central bank digital currencies and UK national security’. These gathered a range of international stakeholders from across government, academia, private sector, civil society and others, to critically assess the impact of CBDCs on geostrategic interests; the impact of CBDCs on UK technology advantage; and foreign CBDCs’ impact in the UK.’

Central Bank Digital Currencies: Plotting a Path Ahead for the UK

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