Security Challenges in a Warming World

This theme explores the national security risks presented by climate change and equips the security and defence sectors with the knowledge to confront these challenges.

 The impacts of climate change on national security are expansive. As well as the damage to infrastructure, life and livelihoods caused by climate-induced extreme weather events, climate change also presents geopolitical challenges and contributes to political instability and radicalisation. It is therefore of increasing importance that security and defence actors engage with the challenges posed by climate change and are ready to respond to the associated threats. 

However, national security also comes into climate discourse for its role in causing global warming.  There is growing controversy around military emissions, highlighting the contributions of defence and security actors to the climate crisis. At the same time, military and security actors, and the defence supply base, are increasingly aware of the need to minimise the carbon footprint associated with the production and use of military equipment and services.  

This theme explores how the defence and security sectors can rise to these two overlapping challenges and respond effectively to both reduce their impact on the climate and mitigate climate-induced challenges to national security. 

Greening Defence

The Greening Defence programme explores the ways in which the UK military and its partners are attempting to confront the challenges and security risks presented by a changing climate.

UK National Security and the Net Zero Transition

This project investigates the impact of net zero technologies on UK national security through their impact on hydrocarbons reliance and emerging technology supply chains.

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