Cyber Operations Programme

Examining the value and impact of interstate cyber operations and exploring different national approaches to cyber strategy, capability and development.

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Interstate cyber operations encompasses a wide range of technical capabilities designed to cause damage, disruption or destruction to a target device or network.

While it is an area shrouded in secrecy, with relatively few examples of interstate use of cyber operations in the public domain, there is an extensive and growing volume of academic literature on the subject. RUSI’s research tries to understand themes such as the fundamental principles of cyber operations, capabilities, tactical applications, doctrine, ethics and oversight, partnerships and taxonomy. Our research seeks to engage with wider society on these issues and delve into useful case studies to inform thinking on the value and impact of cyber capabilities, and how to apply them to best effect. We also host prominent voices in the field to discuss their perspectives on interstate cyber operations.

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Project outputs

Much of our work on cyber operations cannot be publicly shared due to its sensitive nature.

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