Joseph Jarnecki

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Joseph is a Research Fellow in cyber threats and cyber security. His research focuses on cyber security capacity building and how advanced technologies pose opportunities and risks to economic security.

Prior to joining RUSI, he worked as a research assistant at King’s College London on projects focusing on practices of democratic oversight and control over intelligence services, as well as on risk and responsibility in cyber security.

Joseph holds an MA in International Conflict Studies from Kings College London’s Department of War Studies, where he studied innovative methodological approaches to analysing cyber security, national cyber security strategies and cybers growing importance to international and data security. His dissertation examined how responsibility for counter-terrorism would be redistributed through the proposed Protect Duty. Joseph also holds a BA in International Relations from King’s College London.

His research interests include UK cyber policy, both foreign and domestic, as well as transnational data security, ransomware, the development of smart cities and the place of the internet in developing democratic and economic participation.

Recent events

19 October 2023 - Seraphim Space Summit

Joseph Jarnecki spoke as part of the panel: “Navigating the geopolitical environment” on cyber threats to space systems, the increased proliferation of space capabilities and the role of private companies alongside Dame Fiona Murray and Lt. Col. Stuart Crawford.

31 October 2023 - Ukraine Tech Day (TechUK)

Joseph Jarnecki spoke, as part of a panel: “Cybersecurity collaboration between the UK and Ukraine”, on the provision of cyber capability support by the UK through the Ukraine Cyber Programme and the importance of private sector delivery.


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