Episode 22: Exploring the Sino-Russian Relationship

In this Adversarial Studies Seminar, Richard Weitz, Director of the Center for Political-Military Analysis at Hudson Institute, joins us to discuss the unprecedented alignment between Russia and China in recent years.

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The Sino-Russian relationship will have important ramifications for the future of Eurasia if it proves more durable than the previous century’s Sino-Soviet entente. Richard Weitz discusses how this alignment has developed in recent years. He also analyses the main drivers of the Sino-Russian relationship – its sources, nuances and manifestations – and assesses its consequences, especially in the security domain.

Speaker's biography

Dr Richard Weitz is Senior Fellow and Director of the Center for Political-Military Analysis at Hudson Institute. His current research focuses on relations between Russia, China and the US, encompassing regional (especially Europe, Asia, the Arctic and the Middle East) and functional (particularly space, cyber and security) issues, along with scenarios for future great-power relations. Dr Weitz has authored or edited several books, monographs and reports, including The New China-Russia Alignment: Critical Challenges to U.S. Security (Praeger, 2022).


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