Recording: Securing the Indo-Pacific: Re-setting the Security Agenda with Rory Medcalf

With growing Sino-US tensions and a deepening Sino-Russian partnership, RUSI’s Veerle Nouwens sits down with Rory Medcalf to discuss the role that Europe and its partners can play in stabilising the Indo-Pacific.

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Professor Rory Medcalf is one of Australia’s pre-eminent strategic thinkers and Head of the National Security College at the Australian National University. In conversation with RUSI’s Veerle Nouwens, he discusses how Australia, the UK and partners – notably Japan, the US and European states – can best respond to Indo-Pacific challenges and set out an agenda that will resonate across the region.

The discussion considers the rapidly shifting Indo-Pacific security environment. Ties between the US and China are strained, with the US leading the way in introducing an advanced export control regime on China. The Sino-Russian partnership has reminded Europe and the Indo-Pacific of the indivisibility of the two regions. From Chinese ambitions over Taiwan, to initial Western divisions caused by AUKUS, the region is in flux. However, both the US and Europe share partners, interests and concerns over potential Indo-Pacific instability.

Can Europe play a more active role in the region together with Indo-Pacific partners, and what exactly is its value proposition? Given that the war in Ukraine demands European strategic focus and resources, how can Europe face both the immediate crisis at home and longer-term challenges in the Indo-Pacific? How can Australia, Europe and Indo-Pacific partners work together to ensure more effective joint engagement in the region?


Veerle Nouwens

External Author | Former RUSI Senior Research Fellow, Asia-Pacific

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