Recording: RUSI UK-Africa Conference 2023

A conference providing a forum to discuss the pressing issues facing the continent within the context of UK-Africa relations.

Geopolitical competition has moved to the centre of today’s international politics. In one of the most complex regions in the world, Africa, great and middle-powers are visibly competing for influence. As the continent considers its place in a shifting global order, many countries still struggle with poverty and insecurity as inflation and unsustainable debt hold back economic recovery.

The RUSI UK-Africa Conference 2023 provided a forum to discuss the pressing security, geo-political and geo-economic issues facing Africa at this time, and how the UK-Africa relationship can be enhanced to address challenges. The conference gathered policymakers, analysts and opinion leaders to discuss how these issues are shaping national, regional and international agendas. Experienced speakers will focus on topics from development to geo-political competition, peace and conflict, defence and security, and building effective partnerships. Regional panels will focus on West Africa and the Sahel, East Africa and the Horn of Africa.

The conference addressed the following set of questions:

  • What model of peaceful development best responds to the security and governance concerns across Sub-Saharan Africa?
  • How can African states, international organisations and partner countries effectively combat major security threats?
  • How is Africa adapting to the intensifying competition between the US and the transatlantic community, Russia, China, and near neighbouring powers (e.g. Gulf States)?
  • What are the key priorities for UK-Africa cooperation in West Africa and the Sahel, East Africa and the Horn of Africa?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges for cooperation between the UK, key partners and continental organisations on economic, security and political issues?



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