Recording: Illicit Economies, Violence and Development Series: Terrorism and Illicit Finance

This is the final seminar in a series of six jointly run by the Centre for the Study of Illicit Economies, Violence and Development (CIVAD) at SOAS and RUSI. The series brings together academics, students, policymakers and practitioners with an interest and engagement in questions around illicit economies, violence and development.

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In 2019, the UN Security Council passed Resolution 2482, expressing ‘concern that terrorists can benefit from organized crime … as a source of financing or logistical support’. The resolution stressed the urgent need for research on the interlinkages that may exist between terrorism, organised crime and illicit finance. This reflected the growing international focus on the crime-terror nexus. This session will explore this nexus in practice, including top-down responses alongside local efforts that harness local knowledge, local researchers and civil society.

The panel includes:

The event is chaired by Emily Winterbotham, Director Terrorism and Conflict, RUSI.


Emily Winterbotham

Director, Terrorism and Conflict

Terrorism and Conflict

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Dr Joana de Deus Pereira

Senior Research Fellow

RUSI Europe

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Dr Keith Ditcham

External Author | Former RUSI Senior Research Fellow

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